Vacation - Car Checklist


Vacation - Car Checklist

✓   Make sure you have enough fuel, oil and radiator coolant.

   Make sure all your tyres are properly inflated and they have enough tread.

    Clean your windscreen and make sure the wipers and washers are operating and cleaning correctly.

    Make sure your fuel gauge and temperature gauge are operating correctly.

   Check that the spare wheel is secured and in good condition.

   Check under your vehicle for obvious leaks when parked for a period of time.

   Make sure all your lights and indicators are working.

   If towing a trailer or caravan, make sure you understand your vehicle’s towing capacity before checking the chains, couplings, sway bars,        shackles, and lights, and ensure that all doors and add-ons are locked in place

   Check you have the correct level of roadside assistance and insurance cover

   Make sure your car has had a service with a comprehensive safety check within a reasonable time frame prior to setting off

   Find your car’s spare key and keep it with you in case you lose the one you are using.

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