Mahindra Nelspruit launches Certified Pre-Owned Plan

Mahindra inaugurates first Certified Pre-owned Dealers

Mahindra Nelspruit launches Certified Pre-Owned Plan

Mahindra inaugurates first Certified Pre-owned Dealers

  •  Programme designed to offer quality and value to used vehicle buyers
  •  Mechanical warranty and service plan added to each certified pre-owned Mahindra
  •  Selected dealers to introduce Certified Pre-owned programme in the coming months


September 30 2021, Centurion. The innovation continues at Mahindra South Africa with the introduction of a dedicated Mahindra Certified Pre-owned vehicle-franchise.

Mahindra Certified Pre-owned is a dedicated used vehicle division that is being launched at qualifying Mahindra dealers across South Africa. It enjoys the full backing of Mahindra South Africa and will offer customers a new level of service and peace of mind.


“Our team has developed this new used vehicle offering in response to the ever-increasing demand for used Mahindra vehicles. We decided to create a process and brand that would not only ensure a greater supply of used Mahindra vehicles, but also give customers a higher level of confidence and peace of mind in their purchase,” says Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra South Africa.

The availability and quality of used vehicles have come under scrutiny of late, after the sales disruptions during the strict lockdown and because a limited global supply of vehicles has strained the supply of new vehicles.

“In any situation where demand outstrips supply, there is upward pressure on vehicle prices, and it opens the door for vehicles of questionable quality to be sold at high prices. We believe this makes the introduction of Mahindra Certified Pre-owned a priority, and we look forward to working with our dealer network to introduce this innovation at more and more dealers in the coming months,” says Rajesh.

For a used Mahindra to be sold under the new Certified Pre-owned banner, it must meet specific selection criteria and pass a thorough 120-point inspection. During this process, assigned technical specialists at participating Mahindra dealerships will inspect the vehicle against a comprehensive set of visual and mechanical criteria.

Once a Mahindra has passed this inspection, it receives a quality certification and is moved to the next step – mileage and ownership verification.

During this second process, Mahindra and its service providers will check each vehicle to ensure that its mileage is true, that it has been serviced or repaired according to the company’s standards and that it has a certifiable ownership record.

To further emphasise its commitment to quality and peace of mind, each Mahindra sold under this banner will come with a 12-month mechanical warranty and a complimentary 12-month service plan for the same period. This warranty and service plan do not replace any existing plans on the vehicle and are simply added on.

Each Mahindra sold under this programme will also receive a 12-month comprehensive roadside assistance service from the Automobile Association. This plan is activated as soon as a pre-owned vehicle receives Mahindra Pre-owned Certification.

“Our additional service plan and mechanical warranty are a sign of our trust in our Certified Pre-owned vehicles. It will, of course, also greatly increase the value for money that customers receive,” says Rajesh.

The introduction of Mahindra Certified Pre-owned vehicles follows the introduction of the innovative range of Mahindra Value Fit parts. Value Fit parts are aimed at owners of high-mileage Mahindra vehicles that are no longer covered by a mechanical warranty or service plan.

“Mahindra is well known for its reliable, capable yet affordable vehicles. With our recent introduction of Value Fit parts and now the introduction of Mahindra Certified Pre-owned vehicles, we ensure that the same value-for-money benefits apply to our growing parc of used vehicles,” says Rajesh.

Mahindra Centurion, Mahindra Vaal, Eagle Mahindra, Mahindra Rustenburg, Mahindra Port Elizabeth and Mahindra East London are among the first dealers to introduce the Mahindra Approved Used Certified Pre-owned programme. For more information on Mahindra Approved Used Certified Preowned and a list of certified dealers, please visit

Mahindra inaugurates first Certified Pre-owned Dealers

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