7 useful battery maintenance tips

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7 useful battery maintenance tips

Over the next day or two cold weather is predicted for the Lowveld – a lot of us dislike the cold and unfortunately our vehicles sometimes also play up with colder or damp weather.
If your vehicle refuses to start in cold weather the battery is by far the most likely cause of the problem. Cold temperatures affect the chemical process that produces and stores electricity inside the battery, slowing the battery down and reducing its ability to hold a charge.

Here are a few typical symptoms you may experience if there is a problem with the battery:

– a whining noise when you turn the key in the ignition but the engine won’t turn
– no response whatsoever when the key is turned may indicate loose battery cables or a completely depleted battery
– ignition lights on the dashboard fail to illuminate
– the vehicle refuses to unlock via remote central locking system

With advanced technology on our modern day vehicles power supply is more critical than ever.

How can I maintain my vehicle battery during the winter?

  • Switch off all loads, including the lights, wipers, heater, and radio before turning off your engine at the end of a journey. This prevents any unnecessary drain on the battery the next time you start up.
  • Look for corrosion on the battery clamps and cables. This could restrict the flow of current. When the engine is off, clean it off using a wire brush, or ask a mechanic to do so.
  • Check that everything is switched off before turning the ignition on.
  • Avoid using heaters, heated screens, and heated seats for longer than you must. They all put high demands on the vehicle’s battery. Some satnavs, in-car DVD players and MP3 players can also drain the battery if left connected.
  • Check that there are no interior lights (including boot lights) left on – or any accessories such as phone chargers left plugged in.
  • Park your vehicle in a garage if you can, especially in very cold temperatures.
  • Get your battery properly tested, particularly if it is over three years old

Have you experienced any of the above ‘symptoms’ recently or would you like to share any practical tips with us?

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